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Private Custom Tours to Asia, Japan, Africa, India and the Himalayas

Private Custom Tours

Private Custom Travel is designed to take you only to the places you want to go, when you want to go and how you want to get there. Whether it is a Japan tour package you are looking for, an India tour package, Burma tour, Vietnam or other world destination. We offer Fully guided and Partially guided tours. All our Guides are licensed lifelong Local Experts in each destination, with language of request. All categories of accommodation are offered.

While we include time at leisure to relax or explore on your own a Custom Guided Tours offer Flexibility. Just let your guide know, if you want to sleep in a little today, or if you want to spend more time on the Mekong, less time at the temple, add a sundowner safari, and it can be rearranged quite easily with your guide and our agency.

We work directly with you to learn your needs and preferences, type of accommodation, interests, presenting you with a full proposal including a custom Itinerary and Quote, which we together can refine and weave together answering all your questions and suggesting options you may not even have considered

Tour Package Options

Our Custom tour packages are all about giving you the freedom to safely travel accompanied by a guide or alone or with your travel companion(s) to the exact locations and specific places of interest you want to visit.

Whether it be a leisure and activity tour for the more active travel enthusiast, or a tour in the same location with a more relaxed theme such as a contemporary art and culture tour, we can provide the perfect solution tailored to your specific request.

Choose your country, tell us your interests and let us suggest and create and itinerary for you, or tell us exactly where you want to go and what you want to see. We can create your holiday or vacation exactly how you want it to be.
We specialise in tours of Japan and also South East Asia as well as custom tours of India and the wonders of South and East Africa. to name just a few destinations.

Asia Tours - Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, Including Malaysia, Singapore and Bali

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, Including Malaysia, Singapore and Bali

A private blessing from the monks in a temple in Laos, trying to cross the street in Ho Chi Minh City, sampling the street food in Bangkok, a nostalgic long tail boat along the Mekong, each captures the moment of your senses in an unforgettable way.

Halong Bay and the Sapa hill tribes are one of kind experience, Angkor Wat and Luang Prabang reign as favorite World Heritage Sites

Indo china promises, ancient pagodas and wats, deep spirituality and mythical histories and kind hospitality.

We have a branch office in Hua Hin seaside Thailand.

Japan Tours - Each region in Japan is unique onto itself.

Each region in Japan is unique onto itself.

Travel the stunning mountain roads to the Japanese Alps, the Eastern Seaboard, or Winter play grounds Festivals of Music and Dance abound, some modern some traditional such as the Noh and Kabuki theatre. Images of Geisha tea houses are conjured up in the mind and then presented with Exotic cuisine.

Japan will absorb you.

Africa Tours - Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Africa and Rwanda

Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Africa and Rwanda

Think Africa, Think Safari. By land rover, canoe or elephant

Nature reigns with unexpected comfort to exotic destinations offering lodges, permanent tented accommodation or long stays in the Bush.

Be enthralled by the Great Migration, as hundreds of thousands of animals and predators cross the plains of the Serengeti with a visit to the Masai Mara tribe.

Try water safaris by canoe through Botswana's Okavango Delta, visit to spectacular Victoria Falls in Zambia, the sand dunes in Namibia and Mountain gorilla tracking in Rwanda, all thrill in a quietude and un self-consciousness that astounds.

India Tours - Color, Sound, Movement, Taste

Color, Sound, Movement, Taste

India floods your senses from every direction, every minute, and every locale.

One guide and driver in India will stay with you through our the entire continent providing a continuity of historical and cultural perspectives.

We recommend for a first time visit a comparison of North and South India; the north is hustle and bustle and South is lay back with Ayurveda spas everywhere; highly recommended.

Himalayas - Ladakh, the  Greater Himalayan  Range, Bhutan, Tibet

Ladakh, the Greater Himalayan Range, Bhutan, Tibet

These regions are all above the tree line, expressing themselves in majestic mountains, trout filled streams, apple orchards at Spring, And some areas in Ladkh are imagined as moonlike in atmosphere and terrain.

You can experience the highest point on earth, in Ladakh, without climbing equipment. One minute it is sunny and the next a blizzard for another 10 minutes then sunny again.

The area is vast and we have traversed it all.


The sky is no longer the limit

Based in California, our partner company offers a trip to space, 45 min or 1 hour, 61 or 102 km up in the atmosphere and beyond ...

Here is a brief of the mission after three days of training

At take-off, the powerful thrust of the four rocket-powered engines will launch you almost straight up into space where you'll break the sound barrier and accelerate to Mach 3 - a rarity that not even F16 pilots experience. At an altitude of nearly 60km, the engines are switched off and the spacecraft will float travels to its maximum altitude of 103km where you will experience weightlessness for 4-6 minutes. You will have become a true Astronaut, and admiring the beauty of Earth from space is a life changing experience. From this amazing vantage point, you will begin to float back to Earth. As you rapidly glide back, the spaceship starts a pull out manoeuvre to lose speed. During this manoeuvre, you will experience 4.5 G's for 25 seconds. After one hour of flight time, You will safely land back at Spaceport leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

A triumphant return
Upon landing, you will attend a mission debriefing and award ceremony where you will receive a space award and start the celebrations.

Looking for the ultimate mission of weightlessness? Then go for it and just dare! Golden Fish can organize this for you


Successful travel to Asia, Africa and the Himalayas

Previously we have assisted return visits by Vietnam Vets, created weddings on Mt Fuji, photographic treks (including porters) in the wilderness, private meetings with Ministers of culture (Egypt), gorilla tracking and animal migrations in Africa.

Our satisfied clients come from around the world and from all walks of life. We have made arrangements for the private travel of Royal families, business and private travel for Executives, Federal judges, and Ambassadors, world-renowned Artists and Musicians, as well as for every discerning traveler, first time visits or return journeys to favourite destinations.

We can assist with almost any imaginable travel request. Plan and book your tours with confidence through Golden Fish Travels for unique travel experiences in Africa, Asia and the Himalayas.

We are experts at GOLDEN FISH TRAVELS in all these destinations having travelled to each several times. It is our pleasure to create for you a once in a lifetime experience.

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