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Luxury, Tourist and Business Hotel
Ryokan / Traditional Style Accommodation
Monestary Stays

Accommodation in Japan
  • Business hotel 3 star
  • Tourist class hotel 4 star
  • Luxury hotel 5 and 6 star
  • Ryokans, 3,4,5,6, star
  • Monastery stay basic

Rate range is approximately 100-1000usd per room/per night

At a ryokan some of the following factors determining prices are:

  • Room size
  • Room location
  • Room view (a view of a river, a view of a Japanese garden, etc.)
  • Room facilities (indoor hot spring bath, outdoor hot spring bath, etc.)
  • day of the week
  • season and holiday season
  • number of guests
  • meal(s) served and so on

Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. In our opinion, a visit to Japan in incomplete without a stay in a ryokan. It is the best accommodation Japan has to offer. They range from basic as is a monastery stay to incredibly luxurious with hot springs linked into your room.

The interiors of wood and the rooms feature sliding screens and are floored with tatami mats. Guests sleep on very thick comfortable futon mattresses laid out on the floor of the rooms by the ryokan staff. All are complete with en suite bathrooms.

Ryokans feature high levels of service with local cuisine presented and prepared in accordance with the Japanese aesthetic. A Japanese Breakfast and Dinner are usually included. They are generally served in your room by staff in Kimono.

Ryokans are available to suit every budget.

Luxury 5-6 star and tourist category 4 star, hotels are abundant as well as business hotels 3 star for the very budget minded.

Cost of hotels and ryokan range from 100 - 1000usd per room/per night.

Let us know you preference.

A Brief History of Japanese Ryokans

Ryokans have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. Some of the earliest ryokans were (and some still are) located on the Tokaido Highway which connected the capital city of Edo (current day Tokyo) and the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. It was a very busy highway as samurai, traders, and others made their way between the two popular destinations in the country. Ryokans were built to welcome these weary travelers who needed to rest before continuing on their long journey. Some ryokans were very simple and offered extra rooms in their homes for travelers while others were more elaborate and served the higher ranks of the government. In any case the owners worked hard to make their guests feel as welcome as possible as they still do today.


Mount Koya is one of Japan's holiest mountains located in Wakayama Prefecture. The journey to Mount Koya takes visitors a to cedar-filled valley 800 meters above sea level, surrounded by 8 mountain peaks. In the early 9th century, the Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi founded the first temple and it has grown to more than 100 monasteries surrounding the head temple of Kongobuji. Visitors also have the opportunity to stay overnight at one of the many temple lodgings.

At Mt Koya

Muryoko-in, Rengejo-in, Sainan-in


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