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Transportation & Luggage Forwarding

Japan Bullet Train

The Bullet Trains

Rail Passes or Individual Tickets

Sometimes depending on your destination, a rail pass can be more expensive than arranging individual tickets. We make every effort to compare these when making your itinerary.

All stations have digital time table in English and Japanese

With a rail pass you only can ride on any trains except NOZOMI.

There are three types of bullet trains, KODAMA, HIKARI, and NOZOMI.

There are 16 stops between Tokyo and Osaka.

KODAMA - stops every station.

HIKARI - stops fewer (7 - 8) stations and faster than KODAMA.

NOZOMI - only stops a few stations and fastest but cannot be used with a rail pass.

  1. With a JR Rail Pass you are free to travel on almost all JR trains, except the Nozomi type of bullet train. You cannot use the pass for these trains.
  2. With the pass you don't pay in Japan, the pass lets you travel on as many applicable trains as you want.
  3. If you get a JR Pass, you CANNOT reserve exact seats on ANY train from OUTSIDE Japan. The easiest option is to turn up on the platform for the appointed train and sit in the UNRESERVED seating section.
    • Therefore, WE CANNOT book ANY exact seats for clients who have the JR Pass.
  4. If the clients have the JR Pass and want to have exact reserved seats on the trains they are taking, then, ONCE IN JAPAN, they can book seats. The clients have to go to the 'Green Window' ticket office in any major stations IN JAPAN. They take their passes and tell the attendant what train they plan to take. The attendant then reserves a seat for the on that train, and gives them a ticket showing what seat they have. THIS COSTS NOTHING.
    • However, WE CANNOT DO THIS; they have to do it themselves IN JAPAN.
  5. GREEN CAR is first class. It is different from simply having a reserved ticket. There also is a GREEN car Rail Pass, but is more expensive.
  6. The original itinerary contains some Nozomi bullet trains as they are quickest. If the clients want JR Passes I will have to change these trains to either Kodama or Hikari type of bullet trains.


  • Tokyo Kawaguchiko – 1h30mins
  • Kawaguchiko  Kyoto – 4h30mins
  • Kyoto  Koya – 2h30mins
  • Koya  Wakayama – 1h20mins
  • Wakayama  Osaka – 1hour
  • Osaka  Kanazawa – 2h20mins Kanazawa  Shirakawago 1hour
  • Shirakawago  Takayama – 1h40mins
  • Takayama  Kamikochi – 1h15mins
  • Kamikochi  Matsumoto – 2hours
  • Matsumoto  Tokyo – 3hours


Japan has an extremely efficient baggage forwarding system to almost any destination and it arrives at your place before you do.

It can be arranged with any concierge and we can do this for you also.

The cost is about US$6 per bag.

Contact Anne for further details

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