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Malaysia Guided Tours
"Penang, was a quick route out of Thailand to renew a visa; every three months. It was also the quickest route to my stomach. The food is staggering in variety and quality"

Malaysia Custom Tours & Travel Packages

It seems I was always headed to the highlands during the hottest part of Asia. Cameron highlands is a cool, verdant tea plantation retreat for many honeymooners and during the colonial period, for British ex-patriots. The climate is exquisite and a reprieve from its cities.

The food in Penang is exquisite and culturally varied anywhere  you  travel here.

We  also  offer  travel  to  Sabah and  Sarawak for  a  more primitive experience.

I traveled by car the entire length of the peninsula to Kuala Lumpur and on to Singapore, which broke away from Malaysia in the 1950s to become a financial giant in the region.

A combo Malaysia and  Singapore tour is highly recommended.  Given  time  you  can then easily travel on  to  Thailand.

Rainforests, Islands, Caves: Malaysia’s Natural Splendor

A 4 day/3 night journey to Taman Negara, Malaysia’s first National Park, situated in the state of Pahang on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is older than the Amazon forest and is home of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest trees.

Enjoy a 3 day journey that combines Turtle Island with a visit to Sepilok, the World’s largest Orang Utan rehabilitation sanctuary, and an extended riverine cruise along the Kinabatangan in search of the elusive long-nose Proboscis Monkey & other unique wildlife endemic to Borneo.

Take a boat journey through Clearwater Cave, the longest cave system in South East Asia. During the 2 day exploration you can also swim in the cool and crystal clear water that gives the cave its name.

Culinary Tours of Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysia is a food lover’s paradise. Malaysian food is a unique and fascinating blend of cuisine arising from its rich history and delectable fusion of diverse cultures, predominantly Malay, Chinese, Indian and Baba. We offer day cooking classes an cooking tours through out Malaysia.

Learn to cook a variety of traditional and special festive Malay, Chinese, Indian and some Thai dishes. Pointers will be given on Malaysian cooking etiquette as well as some valuable tips and tricks of authentic Malaysian dishes.

We offer day cooking classes with renown chefs in Kuala Lumpur and Lankawi and so can arrange a full length cooking tour of the country. Penang Island is a must for dining after your classes and also Cameron Highlands, for a quiet retreat. Call us for details.

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